10 ways to stop global warming

10 ways to stop global warming

    Global warming is a global problem. So everyone has to help each other fix it. Today we have a simple solution to present.

10 ways to stop global warming

  1. 3rs of waste management (3 rs meaning Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
         Reduce is the reduction of the consumption of unnecessary things, especially with limited resources.
         Reuse is the most cost-effective use of resources You have used a usable item more than once.
         Recycle is to do some process to make things usable again. This process will reduce the use of certain natural resources.

  2. Consume local food 
          Consuming local food contributes to the reduction of transport fuel burn many times that of  imported food. Consuming local food is thought to contribute to a better community economy.  It is to help support small farmers. Create occupational stability for farmers in another way.

  3. Use public transit
         Clearing forests for farming or pasture or for other purposes all create pollution Because cut trees release stored carbon dioxide. The destruction of forests, which are the main absorbers of pollutants, means that nature is no longer able to protect the atmosphere.

  4. Ride your bike
         Ride your bike reduces greenhouse gas emissions. also exercises.

  5. Grow vegetables in the garden
         Growing vegetables in the garden reduces the process of transportation. Vegetables that we  grow ourselves are delicious and pollution-free.

  6. Avoid products with lot of packaging
         Avoid products with lot of packaging deduce the use of plastic and hard-to-decompose            products.

  7. Use clean energy
         Clean energy can be considered as a safe and environmentally friendly source of natural energy. For example, an electric vehicle.

  8. Plant a Tree
         Tree help absorb gas carbon dioxide which is the cause of the greenhouse effect cause global warming.

  9. Take lunch in a tupperware
         Take lunch in a tupperware help reduce the use of plastic, which is one of the main causes of global warming.

  10. Spread the awareness
    Global warming is a global problem. Global problems cannot be solved by one person. Therefore, we should spread knowledge to people who are aware of the problems and how to solve global warming problems.

    10 causes of global warming


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