10 causes of global warming

10 causes of global warming

global warming noun

a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.


10 causes of global warming

  1. Fossil power plant
         A fossil power plant is a power plant that burns fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas to generate electricity.Fossil-powered power plants are a significant emitter of CO2, a greenhouse gas, according to the consensus of scientific organizations. that it is a contributor to global warming.

  2. Manufacturing
         The industrial and manufacturing sectors all emit pollution. This is mainly from burning fossil fuels to generate energy for goods such as cement, iron, steel, electronics, plastics, clothing and others. In addition, mining and other industrial processes It releases gas as well.

  3. Clearing forests
         Clearing forests for farming or pasture or for other purposes all create pollution Because cut trees release stored carbon dioxide. The destruction of forests, which are the main absorbers of pollutants, means that nature is no longer able to protect the atmosphere.

  4. Transportation
         Most cars, trucks, boats and planes are powered by fossil fuels. Therefore, transportation is the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions. especially carbon dioxide emissions Vehicles on the road emit the most pollution. This was followed by ships and planes with steadily increasing emissions.

  5. Producing food
         Food production requires energy to power agricultural machinery or fishing boats. which typically uses fossil fuels Fertilizers used in cultivation can emit greenhouse gases. Livestock production also produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. Food packaging and shipping are also polluting.

  6. Powering buildings
         Homes around the world consume more than half of all electricity. Coal, oil and natural gas are the fuels for continuous heating and cooling. which leads to huge emissions of greenhouse gases.

  7. Consuming too much
         Your home, energy use, travel, what you eat. the garbage you throw away All of them produce greenhouse gases together. as well as the use of various products like clothes electronics and plastics.

  8. Oil Drilling
         Burning from the oil drilling industry affects global warming gases (methane and carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere.

  9. Waste
         Humans create waste in every activity every day. There is a lot of waste that cannot be recycled. which ends up having to be buried When decomposition occurs in a landfill, gases responsible for global warming (methane and nitrous oxide) are released into the atmosphere.

  10. Oil and Gas
         Many activities in the world use oil and gas most of the time. both in the vehicle industry, production, symptoms, including electricity generation which causes a lot of air pollution.








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