Effects of global warming on human health

Effects of global warming on human health

    One of the most important things in everyone's life is health. But now there is one thing that is destroying our health. That is global warming. No one can escape from this problem. So it's something we all have to find a way to deal with.

    Why global warming problems that seem far away can affect our health?

    Rising temperatures due to global warming together with the deteriorating weather conditions every day. May affect people with respiratory diseases such as kidney failure or asthma. This can cause complications. and maybe severe to the point of death.

    Many people may not know. The extreme weather that we often see in the news The main cause is global warming. Now it might seem distant. But of course, it was slowly creeping toward everyone. Extreme weather conditions may not seem to directly affect health. But it hinders our access to public health.

    Global warming is causing drought. The drought led to shortages of water and food. Water and food are essential to our life. If we lack nutrients that are beneficial to the body. And of course, it definitely affects our health. It could even be fatal.

    Global warming has resulted in more mosquitoes. As we all know, the animal that causes the most human deaths in a year is mosquitoes. The mosquitoes kill 725000 people a year. Therefore, if there are more and more mosquitoes due to global warming, it means that the number of people who will die because of mosquitoes will increase.

    From all of the above Is it time for us to join together to help reduce global warming? It is a problem that cannot be solved by one person or one country. It is a problem that everyone in this small world must join together. not just for ourselves but for our children and our friends all over the world Thank you to everyone who helped make this world a better place.


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